Going from the depth of the ocean to outer space

Going from the depth of the ocean to outer space

Engineers play a vital role to enable us to explore the depths of the ocean to outer space. If it wasn’t for engineers, it wouldn’t be possible for humans to live underwater or travel in space for months on end due to the extreme changes in pressure, temperature and living conditions.

The whole of Year 8 were treated to an educational and entertaining roadshow about the outstanding feats of engineering, which was delivered by the Education Programme at BAE Systems, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.

Students learnt how engineers use technology such as nuclear power and sonar satellites to overcome the challenges to develop submarines, space crafts, boats and planes. There were opportunities for students to get involved in the presentation by taking part in communication and solar system challenges. The finale of the roadshow was discovering how large the sun is compared to earth using a giant inflatable sun.

This science roadshow was organised by our Careers Team to help inspire our students to take an interest in jobs relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Thank you to the amazing representatives from BAE Systems Education Programme for visiting Cowley Academy to give our students an insight how engineers are our modern-day heroes.

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