Gymnasts reach new heights in the Superzone Trampoline Competition

Gymnasts reach new heights in the Superzone Trampoline Competition

Left to right: Kristyna Doades, Talia Webb and Elouise Webb

Three of our star gymnasts took the trip to Bourne Academy on Thursday 17th November 2022 to represent Cowley Academy and compete in the South Lincolnshire Superzone Trampoline Competition. This is the first time the school has entered and taken part in this competition.

Our team consisted of Kristyna Doades (Year 10), Elouise Webb (Year 10) and Talia Webb (Year 9) and they each had to perform two routines in front of the other performers. There were four categories in the competition and our students competed in the Advanced and Elite groups.

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The sports hall was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, but this did not affect Kristyna as she took this in her stride with two fantastic routines that achieved her 2nd place in the Elite category. See a video of one of her routines above.

This was the first trampolining competition Elouise and Talia have competed in, but they both put their nerves aside to finish 16th and 17th in the Advanced group.

All of the students were a true credit to the school and performed extremely well in their routines.

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