Art competition to commemorate and celebrate Matthew Flinders

Art competition to commemorate and celebrate Matthew Flinders

To commemorate and celebrate the 250th birthday and homecoming of Matthew Flinders, our students are invited to take part in an Art Competition which will be displayed at the Matthew Flinders Party on 13th July 2024 and in a future museum.

The competition is open to KS4 and KS5 students only and all artistic mediums are welcome to be submitted. The artwork can be based around the themes of nautical travel, Australian botany or Matthew Flinders himself. All entries should be submitted to Miss O Callaghan, Head of Art at Cowley Academy.

Matthew Flinders is one of Donington’s most famous residents who had an illustrious naval career having sailed to and mapped Australia. Born in Donington in 1774 he went to Donington Free School, now Cowley Academy and why our school has a Flinders House. He is still remembered around the globe for his naval achievements.


  • March 1774 to July 1814
  • Sailor/Naval Captain from Donington
  • First person to circumnavigate and map Australia
  • Named to continent and many ports, especially in Southern Australia, after places local to where he came from and the people on his ship.
  • More than 100 places in Australia have his name, including universities, medical centres and parks.
  • His remains were rediscovered in London in 2019 when excavating the HS2 railway development.
  • He is being reburied in Donington Church on Saturday 13th July with full military honours.

Further information and inspiration about Matthew Flinders is available from

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