Competition for students to write about their biggest inspiration

Competition for students to write about their biggest inspiration

We are always impressed with the writing skills of our students, which is why we have launched a ‘Summer Writing Competition’ to showcase their passion for creative writing and demonstrating original ideas.

The theme of the writing competition is ‘My Biggest Inspiration’ and students can write about any source of inspiration, which might be a person, team, place, book or song etc. The work can be in the form of a poem, a fact file, a newspaper report or any other style of writing.

As well as the content, we will take into account the presentation when judging, so students should remember to think about how the written work will be presented and they can include images, photos, drawings and a splash of colour.

To enter, all articles need to be submitted to the Library or via Show My Homework by Friday 7th July 2023. The competition is just for students at schools who are part of South Lincolnshire Academies Trust.

To reward students for their hard work and efforts, there will be prizes of vouchers for the winners and highly commended entries plus the winners article will be published on our website.

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