Upper School Awards Evening recognises students achievements

Upper School Awards Evening recognises students achievements

Students, parents and staff from Cowley Academy, Bourne Academy, Giles Academy and Spalding Academy came together on Thursday 14th September 2023, to celebrate the achievements of our former Year 11 and Year 13 students in a special Upper School Awards Evening.

This is the second time we have held this prestigious event that included all four schools in South Lincolnshire Academies Trust. The ceremony was hosted at the Springfields Events & Conference Centre in Spalding as it is a central location making it easier for as many people to attend.

There were over 350 students and parents in attendance and we are grateful that there was such an amazing turnout of guests for this occasion compered by Mr Hind, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Mrs Barber, Careers & Aspirations Lead.

Before the awards commenced, we were treated to live music performances from Sixth Formers Cameron Rosam-Goodwin, Danny Petherick and Ellie Benson. Throughout the evening, Mr Barrett, Miss Armstrong and Neo Geyer (Year 11) from Spalding Academy expertly provided additional music as students collected their awards.

The event was a fantastic opportunity for the schools to celebrate and rewards students for their hard work, dedication and achievements. Awards were presented by the Heads of School for all subject categories as well as Most Improved Student, Highest Attainment and Overall Achievement.

Mrs Conley, Chief Executive Officer for South Lincolnshire Academies Trust concluded the evening by saying “We encourage the young people in our Trust to have a high level of aspiration and aim to do their best, which can be seen in the destinations for both Post 16 and Post 18 study. I wish all of the students all the very best for the future and keep in touch as you will always be part of the Trust family.”

Congratulations to the following students from Cowley Academy who were awarded trophies and certificates:

  • KS4 Art – Chelsey Dyke
  • KS4 Performing Arts – Amelia Salmon
  • KS4 Music – Maia Gordon
  • KS4 Design – Grace Vines
  • KS4 History – Grace Vines
  • KS4 Geography – Maia Gordon
  • KS4 Psychology – Beth Hempsall
  • KS4 Media – Imogen Wing
  • KS4 English Language – Holly Chester
  • KS4 English Literature – Imogen Wing
  • KS4 Modern Foreign Languages – Chloe Staff
  • KS4 Mathematics Higher – Chloe Staff
  • KS4 Mathematics Foundation – Destiny Morley
  • KS4 Double Science Higher – Grace Vines
  • KS4 Double Science Foundation – Chloe Staff
  • KS4 PE Exam – Edward Smith
  • Sporting Excellence – Ashton Hayes
  • KS4 Exam Preparation – Beth Hempsall
  • KS4 Most Improved Student – Grace Vines
  • KS4 Overall Achievement – Maia Gordon
  • KS4 Overall Achievement – Libby Prew
  • KS4 Overall Achievement – Ishia Heyes
  • KS4 Highest Attainment – Grace Vines

The photos below are students from all of the four schools in South Lincolnshire Academies Trust.

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